Parenting: Little Victories

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The biggest motivator for leaving my office job was my family.  Specifically, my three children.  This is absolutely no commentary on the superiority of either the working mom or the work from home mom.  This is a purely personal choice I made as my kids reach high school and I am freaking terrified!

Anxiety can make parenting even more exciting!  On one hand, I have to be very careful not to work myself into a worried frenzy over the little things, but I also think it, occasionally, heightens my awareness when appropriate.  This may have had a bit to do with my decision to be home…

My children welcomed me home with casual disinterest but expressed a bit of concern that I would turn into a helicopter mom, hovering over them 24/7 at school, sports and social events.  Since I am working from home, I don’t this will come to fruition.  Also, the whole helicopter thing is not really in my DNA.

The first week at “home”, we were on vacation.  The second week, last week, was our debut!  Surprisingly, it was a success.  Husband happy, kids happy and I only got mildly stir crazy/annoyed at being a virtual taxi driver.  I can’t even express how relieved I am.

Last night, my oldest (14yo girl) actually said these words:  “I am glad you are at home now”.  I am almost cried.  The teen who likes nothing, is annoyed by everything, and typically uses her wit and intelligence to wreak havoc, honestly appreciates having me home.  VICTORY!!!!



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  1. It took me a while to adapt to my housewife life but I never regretted and I can see the difference in my girls.
    It’s a choice and a luxury not everybody can effort so I always say I’m grateful I can but also I never stopped my brain from working or let my passions or hobbies die😀


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